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The Loss Prevention Library

Your one stop shop for all your loss prevention questions. Our loss prevention library aims to provide you with easily accessible resources aimed at providing you information, research and tools to aid and assist you to effectively manage loss in your organisation.

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How does your organisation perform?

How does your organisation perform? Measure how effectively your organisation manages shrinkage.

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The Loss Prevention Pyramid

The 11 key components of loss prevention in organisations.

Benchmarking Tool

The Shrinkage Road Map

A guide that consists of the steps a company needs to follow to reduce shrinkage. This guide includes techniques and tools to help undertake each phase and to deal with problems that may be encountered.

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Making the Link: The Role of Employee Engagement in Controlling Retail Losses.

The first study of its kind to explore the relationship between employee engagement and four indicators of retail loss: shrinkage, waste, cash loss and lost sales driven by out-of-stocks. To read the full report, register below and download it for free!

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